How to Choose Longjing Tea?

How to Choose Longjing Tea?

When purchasing Longjing tea, consider these key tips to ensure you're getting high-quality tea:

Origin: Genuine Longjing comes from the West Lake region in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Teas labeled as Xihu (West Lake) Longjing are typically of higher quality.

Appearance: High-quality Longjing tea leaves are flat, smooth, and uniform in size with a vibrant yellow-green color.

Aroma: Fresh Longjing tea has a delicate, sweet aroma with a hint of chestnut. Avoid teas with a stale or overly grassy smell.

Taste: Quality Longjing has a sweet, mellow flavor with a slight vegetal undertone and no bitterness. The aftertaste should be refreshing and lingering.

Harvest Time: The best Longjing tea is harvested before the Qingming Festival (Pre-Qingming Longjing). Teas picked before the Grain Rain (Pre-Guyu Longjing) are also highly valued.

Packaging: Look for teas with clear packaging dates and information about the tea's origin. Reputable brands and tea shops are more likely to offer genuine, high-quality Longjing.

Price: While price is not always an indicator of quality, exceptionally low-priced Longjing may suggest inferior quality. Authentic, high-grade Longjing tea commands a premium price due to its limited production and high demand.