A Brief History

A Brief HistoryTea was born ... a tree leaf fell in a cup of water

Once upon a time... Shennong (Chinese: 神农), whose name means the Divine Farmer -- and who is considered as the ancient Chinese Father of Agriculture, is honored with the discovery of tea. According to legend, one fall afternoon, Shennong decided to take a rest under a Camellia tree and boiled some water to drink. Dried leaves from the tree above floated down into the pot of boiling water and infused with the water, creating a pot of tea, marking the first ever infusion of the tea leaf. Intrigued by the delightful fragrance, Shennong took a sip and found it refreshing.

Since Shennong's discovery, tea has been grown and enjoyed throughout the world.

To us, Chinese tea is the most beautiful product that exists, due to its pure simplicity.