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The Large, Beautiful Leaves of Taiping Houkui (太平猴魁)250g Green Tea

The Large, Beautiful Leaves of Taiping Houkui (太平猴魁)250g Green Tea

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Some may suspect that this exceedingly large leaf green tea may be produced from some plant other than the tea tree, Camellia sinensis. Its taste, however, is definitely green tea.It is cooling, clean, and yet tasteful. Properly infused, the texture is surprisingly velvety.

This is Taiping Houkui, produced by a specially designated tea cultivar, Shidaye ( 柿大葉 ), a native of what used to be Taiping county, now part of Huangshan city china. A small shrub in itself, yet with large young leaves that make this particular tea possible.

a leaf of the Taiping Houkui green tea,Taiping Houkui is pressed very thinly during processing so it is able to release its flavor quite instantly.
This loose leaf tea offers a uniquely smooth floral scent and flavour, quite unlike the vegetal green or rich toasted flavours you’d find in the other teas we sell. This really is one of a kind.

infusion:You can’t escape using a tall glass to make tea with this. One for its sheer size, two for its fresh green look. It would be a waste to hide it.
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